Why can't I connect to my NAS over the Internet via DDNS?

A: If you are having trouble connecting to your NAS over the Internet via DDNS, please follow the steps outlined below to troubleshoot this problem.


1. Log in to ADM and then select [Settings] > [Ease of Access] > [DDNS]. Make sure that the DDNS settings are 

configured properly.



2. Make sure that port forwarding has been configured for the corresponding service ports. Port forwarding can be 

configured by enabling EZ-Router ([Settings] > [Ease of Access] > [EZ-Router]) or by manually configuring your router.


*If you wish to use EZ-Router, please make sure that your router’s UPnP function has been enabled. If you wish to manually configure port forwarding on your router, please refer to your router’s user manual for further instructions.