Why can’t I log in to my NAS using ASUSTOR smartphone apps?

Reasons for login failure:

1. The NAS is not powered on, initialized, or awake.
If your NAS has not yet been initialized, use a computer or smartphone to initialize your NAS.
To use a PC or mac to initialize an ASUSTOR NAS, Click here for more information.
To use AiMaster to initialize an ASUSTOR NAS, please click here to learn more.

2. The network connection is unstable or has been disconnected.
Ensure that all network equipment and cabling is connected and in working order.

3. Wrong username and/or password.

4. ADM doesn’t have the corresponding app installed.
The following smartphone apps listed below must have their corresponding app installed on ADM.
AiDownload – Download Center
AiFoto – Photo Gallery
AiMusic – SoundsGood
AiVideos – LooksGood
AiSecure – Surveillance Center

5. EZ-Connect and/or DDNS settings are not enabled.
Please verify that EZ Connect is enabled by clicking EZ-Connect in Settings.
To enable DDNS services, click Manual Connect in Settings.

6. EZ-Router is not enabled and/or the correct network ports are not open.
Click EZ-Router setup under EZ Router in Settings and enable port forwarding. Verify that the appropriate ports are accessible.

7. Attempted login with HTTPS without HTTPS being enabled.
Enable HTTPS by clicking General in Settings.

8. Using the wrong port to connect.
Please check your HTTP and HTTPS port settings. 8000 is the default HTTP port and 8001 is the default HTTPS port.

9. Your IP is blacklisted.
ASUSTOR NAS devices automatically blacklist devices if too many login attempts are made within three minutes. Remove the IP from the automatic blacklist by clicking Network Defender in ADM Defender under Settings


If you are still not able to login into NAS from mobile apps after proceed above troubleshooting, please submit a support ticket in our support center to have further help: