How do I initialize my ASUSTOR NAS?

A: ASUSTOR provides a variety of quick and convenient ways for you to initialize your NAS. After a simple initialization procedure, your NAS will be online and ready for use! Below, we will illustrate how to initialize your NAS using its LCD is play or using a computer. For instructions on initialization using your mobile device, please see:

Initialization Using the LCD Display
This installation method is only suitable for use on models with LCD Displays (AS6, AS62, AS7, AS51 Series).
1. Insert your hard disks into the NAS starting with slot 1 and then power on the NAS.
2. The LCD display will ask you whether or not you want initialize the NAS once it has detected that the NAS has not yet started to initialize.

3. Please use the "↵” button found on the right side of the LCD display to confirm that you want to initialize the NAS. The system will now start the initialization process.


4. Initialization is complete when the NAS’s IP address is shown on the LCD display.  Note:
I. The password for the “admin” account will be set to “admin”.
II. The NAS will initialize your hard disks using the following default RAID levels:
2 hard disks = RAID 1
3 or more hard disks = RAID 5

Initialization Using your Computer

1. Insert your hard disks into the NAS starting with slot 1 and then power on the NAS.
2. Make sure your NAS and computer are both connected to your local network.
3. Install the ASUSTOR Control Center utility on your computer, either from the installation CD provided with your NAS or from the official ASUSTOR website (
4. Launch ASUSTOR Control Center. It will automatically begin to scan your network for ASUSTOR NAS devices.

5. Select your NAS from the list. Your Web browser will now open to the ASUSTOR NAS setup wizard. You will be given a choice of selecting either [One-Click Setup] or [Custom Setup]. In our example we will select [One-Click Setup]. You may select [Custom Setup] if you wish to configure additional settings.



6. Enter a name for your NAS, configure a password and then select your storage requirements. Please note that all data on your hard disks will be erased and cannot be recovered. Select the [I confirm that I have read and understood the above] checkbox and then click on the arrow to the right to being initialization.



7. Your NAS will now begin to initialize.


8. After initialization has completed, you will be given the option of registering your NAS. It is recommended that you register your NAS as this will give you an ASUSTOR ID. An ASUSTOR ID is required for downloading NAS Apps from App Central and you can also use it to log in to the technical support center should you encounter any problems.



9. NAS initialization should now be complete. Enjoy your ASUSTOR NAS!