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File Explorer- Preview Format
Posted by Jane Tsai on 14 April 2015 02:00 AM

It is supported by ADM 2.4.0

If you want to preview video in the file explorer, please follow the steps:

  1. Put files on the NAS
  2. Go to ADM > File explorer to find your video
  3. Right click “Preview”

Below are the browsers which support preview format and suitable player.

If you are Windows user, you can use IE、Firefox and Chrome to preview. Furthermore, the suitable player is VLC Player.

If you are MAC user, you can use Safari and Firefox to preview. And the suitable player is QuickTime Player.  (MAC Chrome cannot support preview function. QuickTime is applied to 32 bits system; therefore, it cannot support Chrome which is 64 bits.)

Below are the player formats which are supported by different players.

player format

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