Important notes for PhotoGallery3 and AiFoto3

1. Please remove the older version Photo Gallery 3 first before you install version 3.0.0.r182 or above if you join the closed beta Photo Gallery program before.

2. Photo Gallery 3 supports all ASUSTOR NAS devices running ADM version 3.4.6 and onwards.

3. After just installed Photo Gallery 3, Photo Gallery 3 or AiFoto3 cannot display any photos or albums because of thumbnail and index making, and all thumbnails will be re-generated again. It might take one day for thumbnails making for entry-level NAS.

4. Photo Gallery 3 must be used in conjunction with AiFoto 3.

5. At present, the instant upload backup of mobile phone photos will generate SmartUpload folders on the NAS. Each folder has a maximum of 999, so if you have many photos to upload at the same time; for example, 4000 photos on the mobile phone, it will cut into five folders.



6.Caution: The photo privilege is different from the PhotoGallery2 and the PhotoGallery2 privilege will not transfer to PhotoGallery3. If you import photos from PhotoGallery2 folder,  other people might see the photos without your privilege. The current only way to prevent other people from seeing your photos without privilege is that setting up folder privilege from file explorer.

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