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If I want to let certain user have access to certain subfolder instead of the other subfolders within a share folder, how can I do it?
Posted by on 20 May 2014 11:31 PM
Let us give an example as follows:
You want to share only "test1" subfolder for user "asustor" while other users can access all the folders within "Media" share folder.  
* Within "Media" share folder, you have "test1", "test3", "unicycle" subfolders.
* There are users "asustor", "test" and others in the user group.
Step 1: create groups
group A: include all the users, including "asustor"
group B: include all except "asustor" that you want to share "test1" only
Step 2: For the other folders under Media, you should set the Group as group B and for the folder that you want to share, you should set as group A.

Step 3: Then if you login with "asustor" and click "test1", you can access it.  But if you click "test 3" or "unicycle", then you get a error message as follows:

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