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How to insert other languages in Chrome?
Posted by Jack Ni on 28 March 2014 02:41 AM

In Asustor Portal we support Google Chrome so users may surf on the internet directly by HDMI output

But since our NAS doesn't support other language inputs, users may want to install an expansion in Google Chrome to input their own language.


Here's the steps to install the expansion:

1. Click on Chrome icon to get into Google Chrome interface


2. Click on the menu icon in the topper-right corner of Chrome, and select [Tools] > [Expansion]


3. Click on "Get more expansion" at the bottom of expansion list


4. Search for expansion "Google Input Tools" and install it


5. After Google Insert tools is installed, restart Google Chrome to make sure the expansion is working properly

6. Click on the icon of Google Insert Tools, you should be able to see "Expansion Options"


7. Just select a preferred language and you should be able to input selected languages now!



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