How do I reset the password on my NAS?

ASUSTOR provides a reset button recessed into a pinhole behind each and every NAS device sold. Insert a thin object, such as a paperclip extended into the hole and press the button for approximately five seconds to reset the administrator password(default password is admin), once its reset, there will be a beep sound come from the unit's beeper.


Results will be as below.


  • System admin account password will return to “admin”
  • HTTP and HTTPS ports used to connect to ADM will return to 8000 and 8001 respectively.
  • Network settings will return to default settings and ASUSTOR Control Center will be able to find your NAS one the network.
  • ADM Defender will revert to accept all connections.



Data will not be affected and the NAS can continue to be used normally.




If there is no beep sound or the password didn't reset, please submit a support ticket in our support center for further help: