How do I update ADM? How do I know which version I have?

Finding ADM version: ADM’s version number is found in two locations;


1. By clicking System Information


Notifications of updates can be disabled in Settings. Click the question mark on the top right corner for more information.


2. [ADM] -> [Settings] -> [ADM Update]


How to update ADM to latest version: ADM has a built-in online update mechanism. Once a new version is released, a notification will show up when you open the ADM. You can update it right away, or go to [Settings] -> [ADM] Update to update it later. You can also create scheduled updates.

If you do not wish to see the notification, you can uncheck this function in [Settings] -> [ADM Update].


To help you understand the ADM update mechanism, please click the "?" icon in the upper right corner.


If you are having problem to upgrade ADM, here is the link to troubleshoot the issue:

Q: What can I do if ADM update not work?