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What is ASUSTOR Portal? What does it do?
Posted by Jack Ni on 14 November 2013 02:47 AM

ASUSTOR Portal is an app combines ADM2.X,  Chrome, Surveillance , XBMC/Kodi, and YouTube.

With ASUSTOR Portal, you can control these apps directly on your TV with ASUSTOR remote control, USB keyboard/mouse, or the latest AiRemote.


Main Page of ASUSTOR Portal :

All the apps mentioned above will be added to ASUSTOR Portal automatically after install.

Main Page of Asportal

1. NAS IP address

2. NAS name display

3. Page switch button


Apps Supported by ASUSTOR Portal : 

Here are all the apps supported by ASUSTOR Portal

All the apps supported by Asportal


ASUSTOR Portal Manage Interface in ADM : 

Wallpaper : 

Wallpaper settings

1. Upload new wallpapers from PC

2. Upload new wallpapers from NAS

3. Delete existing wallpapers : Only wallpapers upload by users can be deleted. After finish, just click OK button to exit from delete mode.


Favorite : 

Favorite settings

1. Add your favorite websites to display on ASUSTOR Portal

2. Delete existing website from ASUSTOR Portal

3. Edit the sequence of apps and favorite sites : Just drag each item into the sequence you want and click OK button to exit edit mode


Resolution : (Only for 6 series)

If the resolution doesn't fit your TV/Monitor, you can manually select preferred resolution here


Resolution settings


Overscan : 

If you find that ASUSTOR Portal has been overscanned on your TV/monitor, you can follow the instruction and option here to adjust

Overscan settings


Ways to control ASUSTOR Portal : 

We support multiple ways to control ASUSTOR Portal, including:

1. ASUSTOR IR Remote Controller :

Currently for AS-2/3/AS5/AS7/AS61/AS62/AS31 series

2. USB keyboard/mouse (wireless keyboard/mouse is also supported)

3. AiRemote :

If you have iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, you can download the latest AiRemote from App Store or Google Play Store.

You can use your mobile to update the latest AiRemote:

AiRemote 2.0.0 for iOS -

AiRemote for Android -

ASUSTOR Portal is an app combines ADM2.X,  Chrome, Surveillance , XBMC/Kodi, and YouTube.

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