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How to configure my PC as network UPS client(slave)?
Posted by Jack Ni on 08 September 2013 08:02 PM

When connecting to an UPS, ASUSTOR NAS can be a network UPS server(master) and LAN PCs can be clients(slaves).

If a power outage is occured, NAS will inform these clients to shutdown.


To configure your PC as a network UPS client, you need to install WinNUT first,

here's the link for latest version of WinNUT :

After install finished, launch WinNUT configuration tool.


Click "edit" behind the configuration file path, and then add the following command at the end of the configuration file.

MONITOR asustor@[your nas ip] 1 admin 1111 slave

save the changes, and click on button "Apply and Start WinNUT" to start the monitoring service.


Now you can try if your PC will shutdown automatically when UPS is having power outage.

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