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How to genertate a self-signed certificate for ASUSTOR NAS on MAC?
Posted by ASUSTOR PM on 21 November 2014 03:23 AM

How to genertate a self-signed certificate for ASUSTOR NAS on MAC?


STEP 1 Generate a private key

Open up a terminal window, type the following command to create a private key.

cd /home
sudo ssh-keygen -f private.key

STEP 2 Generate a certificate request file

This command will create a certificate request file.
Enter your own information and in Common Name section.
Please enter the NAS IP, if you have DDNS or fixed IP, you can use it as well.  

sudo openssl req -new -key private.key -out certificate.csr


STEP 3 Create the SSL certificate

Create a self-signed SSL certificate using the request file.

sudo openssl x509 -req -days 365 -in certificate.csr -signkey private.key -out certificate.crt

STEP 4 Create a text file(named ssl for example) to import to the NAS

Combine the private.key and the certificate.crt into one file. 

In this case, we create a file "ssl.txt" manually, and change the permission to 777 (full permission) since it is not root account.

Then, combine private.key and certificate.crt into ssl.txt file.

sudo touch ssl.txt
sudo chmod 777 ssl.txt
sudo cat private.key >> ssl.txt
sudo cat certificate.crt >> ssl.txt 


STEP 5 Import the ssl.txt to the NAS

Go [Settings] > [General] > [Certificate Manager] to import the certificate.

STEP 6 Add the certification to Keychain Access and change the Trust 

Double click the certificate.crt and add the certification in Keychain Access.
After click Always Trust, it will be added in Keychain Access.
Then, double click the certification to change the Trust to Always Trust.


 Now, you can use Safari or other web browser to access https://NAS IP:8001 via SSL. 

 Notice: there is only one key can be imported to the unit, if you do not want to use the key, please install the default key in Certificate Manager


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